How do I know what size garage door I have or need?
Measure the width of the actual finished opening and then the height. Garage door sizes are always shown and listed as the width first and then the height. In addition many garage door dealers can provide free in house estimates and will measure the opening for you while we are at your home or project site to determine the proper size.

We heard a loud noise in the garage and have not been able to open the garage door since we heard the noise?
What could possibly be wrong with the door?

It is very highly likely that you have a broken spring that should be replaced by an experienced and qualified garage door service technician. If your springs (torsion springs) are on a shaft across the top of the door, you will see an approx 2″ separation in the spring. If your springs (extension springs) stretch along the track on the sides you will find that they are very obviously in two separate pieces.

Our garage door opener will not do anything at all when we push the 
button. What should we look for first?
The first thing that you should verify is that the opener is still plugged into the electric outlet. Secondly you should confirm that there is power coming out of the electric outlet or plug the opener into another outlet with a temporary extension cord. If there is power to the operator then there is some type of mechanical or electrical problem within the garage door opener itself and may need to be diagnosed by a qualified service technician.

The light comes on but the garage door opener will not open or close the door. What should we look for first? If the light on the garage door opener comes on, obviously the opener is getting power and the problem would be in the electrical or mechanical workings of the opener. Be sure to unplug the operator before making any attempt to remove the motor head cover. To avoid the possibility of electrical shock, why not have your garage door opener repair made by a knowledgeable service tech. If your garage door opener is more than ten years old you may want to consider replacing the garage door opener to one with the latest safety features.

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